Trauma Management

Kids are kids and accidents happen. When those little pearly whites get accidentally broken, knocked loose or crooked, or heaven forbid, knocked clean out of the mouth, you will need a Pediatric Dentist with a stellar reputation for providing stellar service. Call Storybook Dental right away and we will take care of you! We manage dental trauma based on the guidelines published by the International Association of Dental Traumatology and we will do everything we can to help put that beautiful smile back together.

Dr. Ronald Hsu has made it his mission to provide schools with the proper education in dealing with trauma management.

The Broken Tooth

After calming the child, begin by finding the fragment(s) that may be nearby. Collect and store the fragment(s) in a Ziploc bag with some clean water and give us a call. We will see you right away and either repair the tooth with the fragment(s) you have collected, or if the pieces are too small or no fragments can be found, we will rebuild the tooth with white resin composite material that matches best with your child's other teeth.
When a tooth breaks, the nerves and the capillaries inside may or may not be involved. Timely action may prevent a progressive infection and increase the chance that the tooth may be restored.

The Tooth that was Knocked Crooked

These types of injuries can range from very minor to extremely severe. The treatment needed also varies considerably. Several factors are important to consider. First, is it a baby tooth or permanent tooth? Second, how displaced is the tooth and in what direction? Third, are the surrounding bone and gums intact? All of these factors will determine whether the tooth can be salvaged and what the long-term outcome may be. Call us immediately. Timely action increases the chance of us being able to save the tooth.

The Tooth that was Knocked Out Completely

If the child is 6 years old or younger, most likely it is a baby tooth and first-aid would be to clean the wound and have the child bite on clean gauze or towel. Because the chance for adverse outcome is high following replantation, knocked out baby teeth are not replanted in the mouth.
We do the complete opposite if the knocked out tooth is a permanent tooth. When a permanent tooth is knocked out, we strive to get that tooth back into the socket as soon as possible. Research shows that if the tooth can be replanted within 15 minutes of accident the success rate of preserving the tooth is very high. If immediate replantation is not possible, place the tooth in a Ziploc or a container with milk or the child's own spit and come to Storybook Dental right away. DO NOT KEEP THE TOOTH IN WATER! And do not scrub or clean with soap, no matter how dirty the tooth might be. We will take care of cleaning up the tooth before we put it back into your child's mouth. Timely action here is critical to saving the tooth.