Dr. Hsu Mentioned in "The Columbian" Discussing Halloween Candy Best Practices

Written By Storybook Dental on October 30, 2018

Dr. Hsu was really featured in an article in the "Columbian", where he discusses the best way to maintain good dental care for your child during the Halloween season, while also letting them enjoy themselves, specifically with the goodies they... Read More

5 Tips for For Avoiding Cavities This Halloween

Written By Dr. Ronald Hsu, DDS, M.S. on October 5, 2018

A Not-So-Scary Halloween   The funnest and (probably) the biggest “sugar holiday” is nearly upon us.  In a little less than a week, tens of millions of children, teens – and yes, even adults – will be hitting the streets, going door... Read More

Dr. Hsu 'The Columbian' Article on Dental Trauma Education

Written By Storybook Dental on September 21, 2018

On September 17, 2018, our very own Dr. Ronald Hsu was featured in an article in The Columbian whichi higlighted his country-wide mission to educate local schools on how to treat dental trauma and tooth avulsions. You can read the full... Read More

Nutrition and Your Child's Dental Health

Written By Dr. Ronald Hsu, DDS, M.S. on June 8, 2018

Being a closet academic I have long admired how teachers can open the eyes of their students and empower them with knowledge; how by knowing, one can make educated decisions that would lead to better outcomes.  I love that.  I... Read More

Preparing for the Worst: Dr. Ron Hsu's Mission Avulsed Teeth

Written By Storybook Dental on June 6, 2018

Dr. Hsu was recently featured in the official publication of the Washington State Dental Association. In this article, Dr. Hsu discusses his work in providing educational programming for area nurses on the topic of dental trauma, specifically avulsed teeth (completely... Read More

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