Oral Sedation

Dental treatment under oral sedation can be a safe and effective way to manage uncooperative behavior in order to produce the desirable healthy outcomes. It is not as invasive as general anesthesia and much more affordable. If the child responds to the medication favorably, treatment can be rendered and the child would have little to no memory of it.

The medication used by Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Hsu, is midazolam, also known as Versed. It is a sister drug to diazepam, or Valium. The morning of the appointment the child CANNOT have anything to eat or drink after waking up. The standard practice is that the patient CANNOT have any food or cloudy liquid (milk, orange juice, etc.) 8 hours prior to the appointment time, and CANNOT have any liquids at all (even water) 2 hours prior to the appointment. For most families, this means the child would wake up, visit the restroom, get dressed, and come straight to the office. We strive to provide you with the earliest appointment we offer to help reduce the time the child has to be hungry.
Life threatening complications may result if this no-food, no-drink order is not followed.
The medication will be dispensed and administered in our office under the supervision of either Dr. Hsu or his assistants. The child will begin to feel the effect in as little as 5 minutes or as long as 20-30 minutes. As soon as the desired sedative state is reached the child will be brought back for the procedures. Occasionally the sedative does not work as expected and the child's movement may be excessive and unsafe, and if that is so we will not proceed and would recommend the child be treated under general anesthesia.
If the midazolam work as expected, the child would be sedated and "floppy". The patient will still be conscious and be able to breathe on their own and respond to stimulus, including verbal directions. The peak effect lasts about 40-45 minutes, but it would take an additional 4-6 hours for the medication to be completely washed out of the child's system. During that time the child may not be able to maintain balance, so sedentary activities will be best. The child's memory of the events would be "Swiss-cheesed", full of holes and sometimes, none at all. They may also fill-in-the-blanks with some imagination. To make sure all the facts are straight one parent or caregiver will be required to stay in the room during the procedure at all times.
If there are any other questions please contact Dr. Hsu. We do not want you to proceed with something you don't understand or are not comfortable with. Thank you for choosing Storybook Dental!