Why We Use Nitrous Oxide Sedation

As pediatric and sedation dentists, we know how anxious children, and adults, can become when it’s time for a checkup. Therefore, we try to make the visit as pleasant and stress-free as possible. This is one of the reasons we use nitrous oxide sedation at Storybook dental.

What Is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide is the gas we use when sedation is necessary for treatment. Also known as laughing gas, it works quickly and effectively. Our sedation dentist, Dr. Hsu, will place a mask over your child’s nose and within five minutes, they will be drowsy enough that treatment can proceed.

Your child will be awake during the procedure and the mask will remain over their nose until treatment is completed. Many children have reported that they feel happy during the procedure.

Once treatment is finished, your child will breathe in pure oxygen for five minutes which will help to clear out any leftover gas in their system.

Suggestions from Our Pediatric Dentist

As a parent, you may find yourself being more anxious than your child about receiving nitrous oxide sedation. This is natural and there are things you can do before and after the procedure that will help you both.

If your child has a favorite toy or blanket, you’re welcome to bring that to the appointment. You’ll be able to stay with your child until they’re sedated, and you’ll be called back into the room to be with them as they come out of it. Talking to your child, holding their hand, or touching their hair and face will all help both you and your child to remain calm.

After Nitrous Oxide Sedation and Treatment

Your child might seem a little groggy after receiving nitrous oxide sedation, but this should only last an hour or two. They may also experience sore gums, nausea, or dizziness. All of this is perfectly normal and will pass.

Children should only eat soft foods for a few hours after sedation and should take it easy until they go back to daycare or school, the next day. If your child’s gums or mouth are sore, it’s fine to give them Tylenol® or Motrin®.

What to Do If You’re Worried

If you have any concerns or if any symptoms continue after 24 hours, please give us a call at Storybook Dental. If they experience any severe pain, severe bleeding of the gums, vomiting or fever, please call us immediately.

Nitrous oxide sedation is safe for your child and recovery after treatment is usually seamless and fast.